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updated 08/03/2016

Gallaudet Class of 76 Alumni Entertainment Questionnaire

Hello Friends and Classmates,

Our 40th Anniversary Alumni Reunion committee has worked to prepare for the FUN TIME together this coming October.

Best of all 76erly yours,
Don Ames, Alumni Prezy

P.S. For Saturday entertainment, we ask you to copy and paste and answer the following questionnaire and send them to Lynn at 'drlynnjaco.aslstar@gmail.com'
Thank you for your help to make our entertainment fun!

1. What is the status of your family (how many kids, grandkids, & great grandchildren)?

2. What is your status now? (Name of your position in current jobs, how long is your retirement, what kind of business(es) do you own?)

3. Where do you live now?

4. How many states did you travel since you graduated/left college?

5. How many countries (other than USA) did you travel since you graduated/left college?

6. What volunteer positions did you hold since graduation/left college?

7. Send current pictures of you n your children (with & without you). (JPEG format only)
8. What impact(s) did you receive from the Class of 76?

9. Who are your favorite teachers in what subjects during your college days?

10. What SBG activities did you enjoy the most during your college days?

If you have other questions to add, please feel free to do so.
76 hugs,


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