Our 50th Anniversary Gallaudet Class of 1976 Reunion

October 17-19, 2026

Greetings from Gally Class of 1976!

Gallaudet Class 76 Alumni Links

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Deaf related:
Deaf Domestic Violence Hotline
Deaf Community
Deaf Education Website
Deaf Nation
Deaf Senior of America
Deaf Women United
Gallaudet University
National Association of the Deaf
Rehab Centers For The Deaf And Blind
USA Deaf Sports Federation

Education related:
Counseling Degrees Online
Psychology Degrees

Health related:
Dental Support (New Mouth)
Effects of Drug Addiction on Oral Health
Addiction Recovery for HH/Deaf
Cell Phone Addiction Help
Alchol Rehab Help
Addiction to Recovery
Addiction Group's Goal
Dangers of alcohol addiction
Alcohol Withdrawal
How to Prevent Alcoholism
Symptoms of Alcohol Use Disorder
Domestic Violence Resource Guide
Within Health
Evolve Wellness Inc Treatment (Corona CA)
Adler Health (Costa Mesa, CA)
Orange County Addiction Treatment Center (Dana Point, CA)
Aton Center Addiction Treatment (Encinitas CA)
Immersive Recovery (Encinitas CA)
Los Angeles Rehab (Los Angeles CA)
449 Recovery (Mission Viejo, CA)
Golden Gate Recovery (Novato, CA)
Path To Recovery Detox (Pasadena CA)
Santa Barbara Recovery (Santa Barbara, CA)
Jay Walker Lodge Program (Carbondale, CO)
Ambrosia Treatment Center (Palm Beach Co., FL)
Blue Star Addiction Recovery (Hazlet, NJ)
Young Adult (Coeur d'Alene, ID)
Idaho Recovery Center Resources (Nampa ID)
Northern Illinois Recovery Center (Crystal Lake IL)
First City Recovery Center (Kokomo IN)
Casco Bay Recovery Center (Portland, ME)
Freedom Center Resources (Buckeystown MD)
Chapters Recovery Center (Danvers MA)
Blue Star Addiction Recovery (Hazlet, NJ)
Discovery NJ Resources (Marlboro NJ)
Crest View Recovery Addiction Treatment (Portland OR)
Magnolia City Detox (Houston, TX)
Luna Recovery (Houston TX)
FreeByTheSea Addicition Resources (Ocean Park WA)
BayView Recovery Treatment (Tacoma WA)

Safety related:
Internet Safety Guide

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