Our 45th anniversary Gallaudet Class of 1976 Reunion

October 21-23, 2021

Greetings from Gally Class of 1976!

Gallaudet Class 76 Alumni Obituaries

In Remembrance

Below is a list of classmates who have passed away.
Please check it out and see if we have overlooked anyone.
If so, please let Don Ames know.

Genaro Nunez Abenchuchan
Age: 46 years 8 months 28 day(s)
Michael Lynn Ackles
Age: Unknown birth date
Jeffrey Irle Bain
Age: Unknown birth date
Richard Thomas Baldi
Age: 55 years 2 months 22 day(s)
Anacleto Ribuca Battad
Age: 75 years 7 months 15 day(s)
Joel Woodrow Binkley
Age: 63 years 7 months 4 day(s)
George Michel Bonkowsky
Age: Unknown birth date
Kenneth Walter Breen
Age: 61 years 7 months 26 day(s)
Walter Arthur Brown
Age: 82 years 9 months 1 day(s)
David E Bugbee
Age: 66 years 7 months 16 day(s)
Timothy Wayne Burke
Age: 51 years 1 months 9 day(s)
Katherine Marie Buta (Hoglund)
Age: Unknown birth date
Penney Doris Cecil
Age: 66 years 2 months 23 day(s)
Thomas Anthony Chidichimo
Age: Unknown birth date
Gregory Clark
Age: Unknown birth date
Mary Lou Denise Conte
Age: 26 years 8 months 17 day(s)
Virginia R Culpepper (Pusser)
Age: 56 years 2 months 6 day(s)
Gerald William Decoursey
Age: Unknown birth date
Cecelia C Drebenstedt (Niesluchowski)
Age: 54 years 2 months 16 day(s)
Linda Ilene Durand (Finston)
Age: 66 years 11 months 19 day(s)
Terry Kenneth Engleman
Age: 51 years 2 months 13 day(s)
Ralph Moreno Esquivel
Age: 42 years 11 months 12 day(s)
Stephen Earl Flaten
Age: 59 years 6 months 8 day(s)
James Michael Flynn
Age: 60 years 3 months 12 day(s)
Dean Joseph Gabel
Age: 63 years 11 months 4 day(s)
Mary Lou Harbison
Age: 61 years 5 months 30 day(s)
Brenda Jean Hong (Fairfax)
Age: Unknown birth date
James Jackson Humphrey
Age: Unknown birth date
Robert Bruce Imme
Age: 46 years 11 months 7 day(s)
Cynthia Satenig Jeffrey
Age: Unknown birth date
Horace Ray Jones
Age: 68 years 7 months 1 day(s)
Alfred Anthony Jozwicki
Age: 100 years 5 months 23 day(s)
Kent Howard Keepper
Age: 65 years 11 months 12 day(s)
Dennis J Kozak
Age: Unknown birth date
Randi Kreiner (Smiley)
Age: Unknown birth date
James Michael Lawless
Age: 65 years 6 months 1 day(s)
Andrew Edwin Liebenthal
Age: Unknown birth date
James Edwin Litchfield
Age: 59 years 3 months 18 day(s)
Mary Katherine McCoy
Age: Unknown death year
Hugh Julius McQuiston
Age: 54 years 6 months 0 day(s)
Stella L Miles
Age: Unknown death year
Theodore L Miles
Age: Unknown birth date
George L Mock
Age: 46 years 0 months 0 day(s)
Wayne Robert Monroe
Age: 53 years 8 months 6 day(s)
John Edward Nelson
Age: 85 years 8 months 7 day(s)
Jean Noling
Age: Unknown birth date
Felix P Osuchukwu
Age: 77 years 8 months 2 day(s)
Dennis Thomas Palka
Age: 61 years 10 months 20 day(s)
Carla Virginia Pereira
Age: Unknown birth date
Anthony M Perry
Age: 63 years 8 months 7 day(s)
Don George Pettingill
Age: 84 years 4 months 4 day(s)
Conrad George Propp
Age: Unknown birth date
David E Rabinowitz
Age: 89 years 0 months 16 day(s)
Jimmy Dean Reddell
Age: 52 years 6 months 6 day(s)
Michael Alan Reimer
Age: 61 years 2 months 26 day(s)
Ruth Irene Rowan (Freeman)
Age: 67 years 7 months 26 day(s)
Cecelia Elizabeth Saddler (Scales)
Age: 59 years 9 months 15 day(s)
Carl Nicholas Schroeder
Age: 60 years 11 months 22 day(s)
Bradley Shaw
Age: Unknown birth date
LaVerda Ellen Snyder
Age: Unknown birth date
Naomi Kay Spencer (Albert)
Age: 61 years 8 months 17 day(s)
Judith Crichton Sprinkle (Fadoul)
Age: Unknown death year
Norman W Stingley
Age: Unknown birth date
George Michael Surber
Age: 61 years 10 months 26 day(s)
John Bernard Tracey
Age: 61 years 6 months 20 day(s)
Priscilla Antoniette Vinci
Age: Unknown birth date
Marion Katherine Walker (Hudson)
Age: 65 years 0 months 25 day(s)
Steven C Waters
Age: Unknown death year
Robert John Westerhaus
Age: 66 years 4 months 5 day(s)
Michael James Woodford
Age: 63 years 7 months 10 day(s)
Ilene Bonnie Youngs (Liebman)
Age: Unknown birth date

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